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Claudia Santangelo / Owner Decorator



My name is Claudia and I have been working hard to bring a beautiful showroom to Guilford.  My team and I have been servicing the Guilford community with beautiful spaces for 3 years. 

We love spending time with each client and figuring out layouts and designs. 
Please come visit us and see what we can offer you on your next project. 

I have been working alongside my good friends (Guido Chiriap, Darwin Beltran, Jim Turello) and husband Matt Santangelo to bring you a beautiful showroom. I have come together with a team of people to bring your dream space to reality. I’m the project manager/designer and am proud to offer tile, carpentry, plumbing, painting, electrical and cleaning services for your home materials and installation. My team of professionals are small business owners who love what they do.

I know that remodeling takes saving up and this means sacrifice in other areas of our lives.  We have options available to meet every need.  I truly care about making sure my clients have what they envision in their homes and working with them to make that vision come true.  


Our Team 


Alonso Peña

Community Manager


Guido Chiriap

Intallation Whiz


Hector Jimenez

Intallation Whiz


Samson Santangelo

Sales Representative


> Cabinetry

> Waterproofing



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